Brief History

Our journey started just a year ago when founder Lucy Lei took up the idea to recycle stationary after noticing how the majority of waste in schools came from throwing out old pens and markers. With the help of fellow students from Simon Fraser University, Project S.A.V.E was created! The Recycling program became the first phase for our prospective environmental organization and has been slowly expanding its green initiative across Metro-Vancouver.

Who We Are

PROJECT S.A.V.E is a student-led initiative that provides an Eco-friendly alternative to disposing stationary while engaging and educating students on the conservation of resources. As a local environmental NGO, we aim to integrate our stationary recycling programs into schools and major establishments in the Metro Vancouver area to divert waste to commercial landfills.

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What We Do 

The way our Stationary recycling program works is a simple 3 step process. Every month our team of volunteers makes monthly visits to recycling stations.Unusable pens, mechanical pencils, sharpies,highlighters and markers are all collected within our boxes. Stationary from boxes are sorted into recyclables, nonrecyclables and reusable.  The Recyclables are sent to STAPLES which will then be shipped to TERRA CYCLE for the recycling process. Every piece of stationary is recycled to be converted into benches,garbage playground and even more! As a bonus, for every piece of stationary recycled, TERRA CYCLE will help donate 2cents to Earth Day CANADA.Non-Recyclables are unfortunately thrown out and reusable stationary is given back to the community through the staff in their respective schools and also during our events.

Currently, our stationary recycling programs have been implemented into various Burnaby high schools, Kumon centers in the lower mainland as well as the Simon Fraser University Burnaby and Surrey campus.  Check the map below to view your nearest center.


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