The SAVE team is always looking for new members to join in! Volunteer positions are open to all secondary and post secondary students.

Secondary Students volunteer tasks

  • sort out the stationary boxes at the end of every month into the three main categories.
  • give the recyclables to the volunteer in charge of picking up stationary recyclables from that school.
  • promote the box throughout the school so that the students are aware of the stationary box and can use it.

Post Secondary students volunteer tasks

  • Be in charge of picking up stationary recyclables from an assigned high school.
  • Weigh the recyclables and report it for records.
  • help make the stationary boxes as needed.

Volunteers will be able to gain valuable experience, working hands-on with their community in incorporating the PROJECT S.A.V.E ideals in their own neighborhood. They will also be given the chance to join us, as we tour from local businesses to schools to spread the word on going green through stationary recycling. Sign up, come to an orientation and become a member of Project S.A.V.E by clicking the link below!